Learn to Invest in Gold

Most people think of gold as money. It is true that this precious metal has been valued throughout recorded history as a way to measure wealth whether in coins or jewelry. To this day, gold remains an investable asset/commodity in high demand.

Demand for this metal may be attributed to more than its value as currency and a medium of exchange. Its beauty and its malleable nature have also added to its value. The ability to pound it into paper-thin sheets that can mold around objects without cracking, has made it popular for adding a brilliant, reflective finish to art objects for millennia.
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Learn to Invest in Silver

Silver is Wealth - Silver (like Gold) has been used as money for thousands of years. Pure silver is brilliant and tarnish resistant, but far too soft to use in jewelry or other objects. In order to make this metal hard enough to use for such things as jewelry, silverware or objects d'art, another metal must be added - copper has been the metal of choice for years and it's the addition of copper is what makes silver tarnish.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper.
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Learn to Invest in Platinum

Platinum is one of only a few metals that are more valuable than gold. Yet, it has never been used for currency. This might be because it is so rare and until 250 years ago, could not be melted.

Its properties are very similar to gold. It can be found in nugget form and is also found in a natural alloy with iridium which is called platiniridium. While native platinum may be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia and in Colombia, South America, this metal is usually found with other metals such as nickel and copper in a sulfide, telluride, antimonide and arsenide form.

Platinum deposits are found most often in areas where loose soils or sediments have collected and
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Learn to Invest in Palladium

Palladium is silvery white metal with a slight gold cast to it that is quite rare . It belongs to the platinum group of metals (PGM), so called because it has similar chemical properties to platinum as and well the fact that it is usually found with along with platinum in raw ore.

Scientists have assigned the abbreviation Pd to this element in the periodic chart. It falls in the 46th position because it has 46 electrons surrounding the nucleus. Its melting point is the lowest for any of the metals in the platinum group. It is not valued for its ability to conduct electricity.

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