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Gold In The Year 2050: World News Headlines...

The price of gold hits $10,000,000 an ounce as all the high and medium grade gold mines are gone.

There are no profitable high grade gold mines left, the price of gold explodes because of the increased energy inputs! Gold hoarders won't sell their stash unless you give up your land!

Was all that gold mining necessary, can we use our gold for growing precious food? Gold has prompted war at the hands of government destabilization worldwide!

The price of gold is far out of reach for any medium to low income earner, even for 1 gram!

Has gold outlived its glamour and shine, what do we buy next? What will all the people that have gold, do to sell their high priced gold?

Many world governments will not accept gold as payment of any kind!

We have not used gold for anything other than saving, we cannot recover it even from scrap, it's all gone !

The price of nitrogen fertilizer skyrockets and molybdenum is used instead, as a nitrogen capture for soil! The Chinese government had been secretly saving molybdenum in their vaults and in their infrastructure ! The Chinese and Americans had the most molybdenum in 2010 when it was $1 an ounce!

What metal is humankind going to call a best friend? Should we dump our gold before it becomes alienated ?

The world's first giant spaceship is built to travel and stay on Mars ! Molybdenum is the primary component!

These are possible headliners you could see in the future.

Do your own research now.
Due diligence people.

Carlo Biancardi ( London, Ontario )

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